in the details



Some of you, if you’re like me, might want all the tiny little details. How will this thing work?

Well, assuming all goes to plan…

The Zine

fēlan is an 8.5″ x 11″ vertical printed publication. Each issue has a different emotion as its theme. There are 6 issues published each year (September, November, January, March, May, July) with submission periods opening for the next issue the week after publication of the previous issue. View full submission guidelines here.

Poems and art pieces are selected from the various contributions emailed in to felanzine@outlook.com throughout each submission period. Works not selected for the issue they’re submitted to, with permission from the artist, will be saved for possible inclusion in future issues.

Issues will be formatted using Photoshop, Blurb book wright and inDesign, or some mixture of those 3. The design will be uploaded to Blurb, to be available on a print-on-demand basis and e-edition format, through the Blurb bookstore, Amazon and iTunes. Further details on that to follow.

Each selected artist and donor will receive a free e-edition copy of the zine they contributed to. With an increase in funds (donations, sales, etc.), I hope to be able to offer selected artists a free printed copy as well.

That said, yes, the zine will be offered for sale – both print and e-edition. The cost will be kept relatively low – enough to cover Blurb’s printing costs + minimal profit that will go straight back into the zine.

cover 1


fēlan online (this wordpress site where you’re reading all this right now) is for updates, and promotion, as well as some online exclusives. Each selected artist will be given the option to have an interview posted to the blog. It will cover things like who they are, what they do, what their working process is like, background on their published piece, etc.

As soon as the artists start sending back their interview answers, after they’ve been notified of their acceptance, interviews will start being posted to the blog – most likely twice a week (it all depends on the number of contributors published in each issue). i.e. for issue 1, this could be as soon as September 5th and run through the end of October/early November.

This blog will also be used to feature social media contributions. On instagram and twitter, if you tag that submissions hashtag (right now it’s #felanlove) on your themed images, poems, quotes, etc. they may be shared here on weekly round-ups.

Every weekday a theme-based quote image will be shared on twitter and both instagram and twitter will also be used to announce posted interviews and the release of each issue.

@felanzine (1)


Bored yet?

It’s really all about just getting excited about coming together over a unified theme and celebrating the emotions we release through the arts.

Any questions? Just leave a comment below, or email here.


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