Interview – Elizabeth Hindle

E Hindle


Please tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m an interdisciplinary fine artist living in Norwich, still ‘breaking in’ to my art practice but learning more with each day. I make things incessantly and journal like crazy; I also drink way too much tea.

When you create, what inspires you?
Creating has always been a pursuit of emotion for me; making art is a two-way process in which I attempt to realise my own emotions, and then from that hope to inspire emotion within others. My work is often dark because those are the emotions I struggle the most with, but I believe that’s true of everyone. My emotions do lie very close to the surface so they are my constant source of inspiration I think.

Tell us about the specific inspiration behind one or each of your accepted pieces.
I’ve had these images rattling around in my head for a long time (years even) but was never able to fully materialise them until I got a decent camera and started experimenting with photography a bit more. I wanted to recreate the experience of a nightmare – of fear and torture and being on the brink of insanity. What can your mind subject you to whilst you are entirely at its mercy; unable to tell it to stop or slow down?

What is your medium of choice? Why?
I always make sure to take a pen and paper everywhere I go so that I always have a creative outlet for what I’m feeling at any one time. But in general, I create with anything that I can lay my hands on; I describe myself as an ‘interdisciplinary’ artist because I’m not very good at staying in one place with any medium and I tend to jump around from process to process. This means that my work varies a lot, but I like that.

How did you first discover your love for creating?
I was always creative as a child but it was when I went through a particularly difficult time in my teens that I realised that I never wanted to stop making art – I found life in it.

What advice would you give to an aspiring poet/visual artist?
DON’T MAKE ART FOR ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU. Document everything, and embrace mistakes – you cannot grow as an artist without them.

fēlan is old English for feel. What makes you feel fear?
My biggest fear is losing people close to me. And spiders – definitely spiders!

Please feel free to add anything else you think is relevant.
For more info on the pieces, please see: .


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