Issue 4 – Melancholy POSTPONED

I am so sorry to be issuing this announcement –

While the magazine is almost ready to go and features some beautiful work, I need to postpone it’s publication date. This means online interviews are also postponed for the time being.

My grandmother is not doing well and I will be traveling the 17th through 21st to visit her and my parents. This is a trip that has been planned at the very last minute. As it was not planned in advance, I have not had time to schedule things in my absence.

That said, I will be returning Monday or Tuesday and will pick up where we left off then.

Issue 5 submissions can still be emailed to felanzine@outlook.com and hopefully issue 4 will still be published within the next couple of weeks.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. I will keep you posted.

-Jennifer Nichole Wells


8 thoughts on “Issue 4 – Melancholy POSTPONED

  1. Hi Jennifer, Sorry about your grandmother. I’ve been traveling and then had house guests and so haven’t been checking my mail closely so I didn’t even know I’d been included in the Melancholy issue. I’ve looked back in my email and can’t find your notice to me. Could you send it again, please, to jubob2@hotmail.com? Thanks, Judy


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