Interview – Richard Mark Ankers

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Read Richard’s past interviews here.

Any new items in your life, projects you’re working on, moves to new locations, etc. that you’d like to tack on to the ‘about you’ in your first and second interview?

Shh! Just between me and my readers, book one of the newly titled The Eternals is done. Now to get it out there.

Tell us about the specific inspiration behind one or each of your accepted pieces.

Both Wetted and Melancholy Moon tackle the subject of imperfect views, one through rain and one through moonlight, and the want for better.

fēlan is old English for feel. What makes you feel melancholy?

I feel a natural affinity to melancholy, and always have. I find it reassuring to not get carried away, so when something better happens it’s all the more appreciated.


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