The Planners are Coming…

Want to be the first to know about felan topics? Check out this planner set to release later this month – complete with felan submission opening, closing and issue release dates, as well as info on 30 blogging challenges.

Jennifer Nichole Wells

They’re almost here!

16 17 full cover16 full cover17 full cover

This is the ultimate guide to keeping up with blogging events. Use it as a reminder to post to your favorite challenges or as an editorial calendar to plan each and every one of your blog posts.

There is a full calendar at the beginning of each month with information on ongoing challenges and what’s coming up within the month. Each 2 page spread is one week, from Sunday to Saturday. Each day lists what challenge topics post that day and at the end of the week is a space for notes. Write in your ideas, that week’s theme, etc. in the ample space next to the challenge listings and in the note sections.

At the end of the planner is a guide to the acronyms listed throughout the planner, challenge titles, definitions, hashtags, and links.

The 31 current blogging opportunities in this planner include:

  • 52 – 52…

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