Interview – Julie Smith

** Remember that poem that I accidentally posted with Sam’s interview? It’s really Julie’s. Give her some props! Sorry Sam and Julie! (view the correct poem with Sam’s interview here, read Julie’s poem and interview below) – JNW


Read Julie’s 1st interview here.

Any new items in your life, projects you’re working on, moves to new locations, etc. that you’d like to tack on to the ‘about you’ in your first interview? 

My first contribution was almost a year ago and though a few things have happened and added to my life, not too much has changed. I made lots of great and special memories, and also had some striking incidents happen to me that I lately turned into poems.

Tell us a bit about your working process.

When I write a poem I really have to concentrate and take time for it. When I‘m in the writing process I almost always finish it on the first attempt. Sometimes I have to force myself to write on and it takes some time until I‘m satisfied with the outcome but I just have to stay focused. And I have to be inspired by things that really happened to me. When something bad happens I write a poem about it. I also write poems about historical figures or books that moved me in a way.

What artists/writers do you admire?

I recently started to read Shakespeare because it helped me to stay focused in a tough situation and I like his writings. The last things I read by him are ,Antony and Cleopatra‘ and ,Julius Caesar‘ because the topic fascinates me, now I‘m reading Hamlet.

Why create?

To express your thoughts, to get a clear mind and to conserve the memories and feelings you had in a certain moment.

Do you prefer writing/creating art about ‘cynicism’ more than ‘[courage, melancholy, joy, fear or love, whichever issue you contributed to last]?’ Why or why not?

The last issue I contributed to is the ,Love‘ issue and I mostly write about love. But sometimes it‘s a mixture of all of these topics.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

To never give up!

fēlan is old English for feel. What makes you feel cynical?

People that just can‘t keep their promises. When someone turns away from you and lets you feel like it‘s only your fault. When someone draws a conclusion without involving you. Misunderstandings happen, but you have to talk about it. Otherwise you never know what‘s on the other person‘s mind. Too many precious things get broken because someone makes a wrong choice. It‘s rather sad. But I‘d say never walk away before there hasn‘t been a sencond chance to fix it. Never let disappointments make you blind for fighting for what could have been.

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