Interview – A. W.


Any new items in your life?
I am twenty years old, and for the first time in my life, I have a boyfriend. Being in a relationship has been a big change for me. I’m just trying to figure things out and find out how to balance this great, new part of my life.
Tell us about the specific inspiration behind one or each of your accepted pieces.
This piece is actually a year old. I was in a completely different phase of life than I am in now. I am more happy with and more accepting of myself now. I still deal with envy from time to time but now not the type of envy that is a part of this piece.
How has your art and the way you create it changed over time?
Unfortunately, I recently have not been setting time aside just to write. I still write when I’m inspired, but it doesn’t happen as often now.
fēlan is old English for feel. What makes you feel envy?
I envy people who have enough money to live more comfortably than me. I envy people who have more talent or more drive than I do. Some of the things I envy I have control over, but not always.
twitter: @90salleycat

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