Interview – Marcy L. Koontz

green-eyed fashion envy by Marcy L. Koontz

green-eyed fashion envy by Marcy L. Koontz

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I am an educator and active community member engaged in collaborative design/creative/preservation projects.

When you create, what inspires you?

Everything. Inspiration can be a shadow, the cadence of someone’s voice, architecture, culture, music, technology, dance, bark on a tree, cracks in the sidewalk, to product packaging.

Tell us about the specific inspiration behind one or each of your accepted pieces.

Fashion is an obsession for university students and envy is often visible on faces when someone is seen wearing or carrying the fashion brand of the moment. The Hermès Birkin is the holy grail of handbags with a two-year wait-list and Chanel, an icon legendary brand, are center front in this illustration.

What is your medium of choice? Why?

The idea or inspiration drives the choice of medium for me which could be fabric, paint, paper, wood, ink, yarn….

How did you first discover your love for creating?

Creating has actually always been a part of my life thanks to my parents.

fēlan is old English for feel. What makes you feel envy?

With confidence I can say that envy is not something that I feel as a noun or verb.

Please feel free to add anything else you think is relevant.

Opportunities are good things – the process of accepting them or the process of considering them always provides for positive personal growth.
Thanks for providing this opportunity for me to take.

Check back November 18 to get your copy of issue 8!

Submit your own work to issue 8.


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