Interview – Sophie Sherwood


See Sophie’s first interview with us here.

Any new items in your life, projects you’re working on, moves to new locations, etc. that you’d like to tack on to the ‘about you’ in your first interview?
I’ve started to get back into crochet and making crochet jewelry, so moving away from photography slightly! I’ll take some shots of it at some point and maybe add it to my (new!) Etsy shop:
I’m also thinking about other projects I could potentially do for a masters in Photography, and what avenue I want to take with that.

Tell us a bit about your working process.
I work a lot using my gut feelings, so if I spot something that stirs some kind of reaction in me I’ll want to photograph it. I also do a lot of experimentation and I like the medium to guide me through each project, letting happy accidents be included in the work. Generally, I use analogue film photography, but I’ve recently been thinking about how I can use digital photography too.

What artists/writers do you admire?
Sophie Calle, Frida Kahlo and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy are my go to artists. I’ve been hooked on them since college, and always seem to return to them for inspiration. I think I’m drawn to artists that use their personal lives in their work, but also have a striking style to what they do like Laszlo and the Bauhaus movement. I also really love Hannah Höch’s work; I saw a retrospective of her collage in the White Chapel gallery a few years ago. Dada and surrealist artists are fascinating, I wish I had been around to witness that period.
In terms of writers I really enjoy Margaret Atwood at the moment. I just finished her Oryx and Crake trilogy, and I’m reading her comic book Angel Catbird now. I’m both enthralled and terrified by the idea of a dystopian future, and she depicts these perfectly.

Why create?
It’s a way of figuring out yourself I think. There’s also a therapeutic element to it and I like to encourage people to create which is part of the reason why I took on Papergirl Bristol:

Do you prefer creating art about ‘amusement’ more than ‘fascination’ Why or why not?
I think I like to capture amusing things within my photography, and I found a lot of it when I was out in Romania, which is where these photographs were taken. I was using a Diana Mini which takes a 35mm frame and splits it in half. This means that you get a lower quality image, which is what I wanted in the environment I was in. Romania was an incredible experience for me and I’ve often thought about returning to it to see how it’s changed. It felt like I was witnessing some kind of view into the future when everything’s gone wrong and the cities have started to decay.
I think Amusement and Fascination come hand in hand for me; my last piece I submitted was something that grabbed my fascination but I was also amused by it, so I guess I’m dictated by these emotions more than others. The images for the Amusement issue are a combination of the two again, because I was fascinated by a new culture I was discovering, and I found many times that I was amused by what I was seeing.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
There’s that old saying “Less is More” which is something that’s always in the back of my mind.

fēlan is old English for feel. What makes you feel amusement?
Watching comedy series and films like Girls, Rick and Morty and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Please feel free to add anything else you think is relevant.
If you want to collaborate or get buy a particular photograph from me then please get in touch!

Check back January 20 to get your copy of issue 9!

Submit your work to issue 10.


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