Interview – Hank Mattson


Please tell us a bit about yourself.
My name’s Hank. I’ve lived in the Southwestern United States my whole life. Most of my time is spent learning new things. I love music, art, skateboarding, and reading fairytales.

When you create, what inspires you?
Words. Lyrics and dialogue move around in my head and create visions. It’s a matter of interpreting those visions into images, locking them down, and creating them. Life, too. Just all general encounters and the lovely things that surround me.

Tell us about the specific inspiration behind one or each of your accepted pieces.
The drawing of beetle eyes got its inspiration from an advent calender. Behind one of the doors was a beetle, and it seemed out of place within the whole image. I started thinking about beetles, and thinking, “beetles kissing.” I like the idea of beetles kissing. How could they even? Beetles kissing on your face. And then I made a drawing of it.

What is your medium of choice? Why?
Although I never stick to one medium, I always miss oil painting when I’m working in another medium for too long. I like how meditative and messy it can be. It dries slow, you have time to think, it layers beautifully and butterly, it can be so many things.

How did you first discover your love for creating?
Around my preteens I would go to coffee shops with my dad and brothers where we would hang out and draw. I think around then I really started to explore and discover the potential of everything.

fēlan is old English for feel. What makes you feel amusement?
Hmm amusement is difficult. I don’t use the word often. I’m genuinely amused by cheery people. I’m amused by the amazing things people do on skateboards. I’m amused by Doctor Who.
Instagram: shadyhank


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