Get to Know Guest Judge Emilio Pascale


Issue 10, all about anger, will be guest judged by artist Emilio Pascale. Here’s a bit about Emilio.

What are 3 things that make you feel anger?
Without a doubt, aggressive drivers make me angry, parents who berate their children, as well as bullying of any kind!

Tell us about your working process. What is your medium of choice? What subject matter do you typically work with?
I love photography, the post processing as well as the getting out and exploring with wife and camera. Almost every weekend we go out on what we call “spont” trips- spontaneous trips by car with usually no fixed destination.

Why create?
I can’t answer why. I know only that I’ve always been creative to some extent- from band to choir to acting and then directing in school, to dabbling in writing, and then to a career as a film editor.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created? Why?
We were driving back from a family vacation through a rain storm of epic proportions when the clouds parted. My mindset was just on getting home when my wife “ordered” me to take the next exit. It was a nondescript place in Utah right off the I-15 freeway. Two rusting ancient cars in a field with a wooden shack in the distance. And then the sun broke through!

Where can we find more of your work?

What do you look for in good art and poetry?
One word; emotion. I have to feel something. So should the artist.


Learn more about submitting here.


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