Interview – Anonymous

Any new items in your life since or projects you’ve been working on since your first interview?

One of the coolest things I’m working on is these Crass poems. I have about half-a-dozen more besides these you see here and I think that socially-aware art is more crucial than ever, given our current political climate in the U.S. My dream is to have them published in a chapbook.

Tell us a bit about your working process.

I dash off the poem in a fury, trying to remain true to the original vision of it I had in my head. It doesn’t even have to make sense, honestly. Then, if I feel like it worked on that first go around, if there was a spark in me as I wrote it, I will go back and revise it. Otherwise, I’ll just set it aside and move on to the next piece of work.

What artists/writers do you admire?

William Carlos Williams, Mary Oliver, Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson, Charles Bernstein, Robert Lowell… Just to name a very few of the people in my heavy rotation these days.

Why create?

I feel like it’s a good antidote to the messages we are fed every day. That you can’t be complete unless you consume. It brings balance to my life, I think. I also don’t think I could function without making something on a regular basis. It’s how I interact with the world.

Do you prefer writing/creating art about ‘anger’ more than other emotions? Why or why not?

Good question. Courage and fear are mirrors of each other, so they often sit side by side in the same poem. I often find that my angriest poems fall flat. They are too strident, or sacrifice nuance for a political position… but when they work, I enjoy them quite a bit.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

What is worth having is worth struggling for.

fēlan is old English for feel. What makes you feel anger?

I feel angry when hard-working people can’t get ahead in America, while those born into wealth continue to have the world handed to them. Those of us in the middle and on the bottom will continue to fight for the scraps and point fingers at each other, until we realize that we’re being manipulated by those at the top, and those who have a stake in keeping this system in place.


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