Interview – Christine Ray

The Name They Call Her by Christine Ray with a portion of an image by Thomas Locke

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a poet, visual artist, former therapist and a science geek.

When you create, what inspires you?

What I am feeling in the moment, a piece of music, perhaps or a single sentence that starts to reverberate in my head.

Tell us about the specific inspiration behind one or each of your accepted piece.

The Name They Call Her and Statute of Limitations are part of a series I have been writing about rape culture, sexual abuse and PTSD.  They were inspired by both my experiences as a therapist and as a woman in this culture.

What is your medium of choice? Why?

I am passionate about poetry.  It is the stream of consciousness voice that explodes out of me.  I love the freedom and rawness of it.

How did you first discover your love for creating?

I have always loved creating with both my words and my hands.  I was always making up stories in my head, always wanting to learn some new art form.

fēlan is old English for feel. What makes you feel anger?

Social injustice.  Censorship. Being told to be polite. Being told to smile more.  Being told not to be angry.

Please feel free to add anything else you think is relevant.

It has been an incredible gift to find my voice again as a writer at this stage of my life.  I think that poets often really write for themselves, not an audience, but it is an incredible feeling when someone tells me that something I wrote deeply resonates with them.

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