Interview – Kara D. Spain

Read Kara’s first and second interviews with us here and here.

Any new items in your life since your first and second interview?

Since my last publication with felan, I’ve self-published my first poetry book entitled, Messages from My Ancestors: Atavistic Poetry. It’s on Amazon and Createspace. It’s a selection of some of my more popular poems and favorites of mine. Some of the poems have been published in the past, others have not. Also, in my need for more creative outlets, I’ve since taken up playing the violin. I played as a youth but life circumstances ended my love of the instrument. I’m now rectifying the situation. At 42, I realize it’s never too late in life to do such things.

Tell us about the specific inspiration behind one or each of your accepted pieces.

The poem “Did You Not Think?” was written last year actually. It was inspired by interactions I read on various platforms and forums that supposedly catered to the creative type of person. All I “saw” were a bunch of attention seekers and one person on the forum in particular sparked my anger to write this poem. “Dark and Light” is also one I’d written some time ago. It’s basically about myself. I’ve learned to, as psychologist Carl Jung described, embrace my dark side; of course there’s a light side as well. It suits my personality very well.

Is there anything you feel binds each of your pieces of work together?

I think the underlying theme in both of my pieces is, “stay true to yourself”. There’s nothing I hate more than a poser. Social media, in some ways can allow for the type of person in my poem, “Did You Not Think?” to play a role and become some kind of caricature of their true self. I have to be who I am at all costs. It makes for a happier life and less stress. I’m finding it easier to do as I get older.

How has your art and the way you create it changed over time?

Wow, it has changed so much. The poetry book I recently published is a culmination of my journey over the last five years of writing poetry. I feel they are some of my best. I also feel that I am able to express my imagination in a much clearer way now. The forward in my poetry book really describes it well.

fēlan is old English for feel. What makes you feel anger?

Poverty, hate, authority, abuse, war. I hate the fact that nature is being destroyed to make way for more commercialism. I hate the fact that water and food have been made into commodities that should be free. These things make me feel anger.

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