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Get to Know Guest Judge Lisa W. Tetting

Reunited Souls

The day you walked into my store was a day I can’t forget
You see…
I knew we knew each other; we were as familiar as you can get.
Your shy smile and adorable face
Told me God had sent you to me and by his grace….
We found each other once again

Our souls recognized each other
You see we knew one another in the past…
Long before that day in another place and time, but somehow we did not last…
But God sent you back to me.

When we spoke you finished my sentence and I finished yours
You see we….
Vibed off each other’s spirit, I knew you to the core.
I disregarded your mild stutter and did not see the color of your skin.
So I defied my upbringing and decided to let you in.

Your soul spoke to mine in a language I have never known.
Yet it…..
sounded so familiar that my soul responded in its own tone.

Time and space may have separated us, but the yearning was too strong.
For me to….
Live another lifetime without you because with you is where I belong.

I look into your eyes that change from blue to green with flecks of brown.
And I was…..
told they only do that when I am around.
So you only have eyes for me.

When you kiss me my heart hemorrhages a love song
And I…..
Know how grateful I am that you came along.

I know one day we’ll have to say goodbye
And I….
Know it will hurt like hell when one of us dies.
But know we will find each other next lifetime .

Lisa W. Tetting

Issue 11, all about attraction, will be guest judged by poet Lisa W. Tetting. Here’s a bit about Lisa.

What are 3 things that make you feel attraction?

1) Attraction is felt on a spiritual level so there is an energy that calls out to me.

2) I am often captured by looking into someone’s eyes. They draw me in be it romantically, curiosity, humor or sadness. It makes an emotional connection.

3) Smells often attract me. A good smelling man, a baking pie, a relaxing candle all call to me on different levels.

Tell us about your working process.

I like to work in relative silence. If I am inspired by a picture, I need to have it nearby as a reference. Sometime, but very rarely I listen to music to spark something, but once I get the inspiration I turn the song off because I become distracted by the lyrics and try to sing. Try being the operative word.

What is your medium of choice?

I write poetry and books.

What subject matter do you typically work with?
I dabble in fiction, however as of late I have been inspired to write erotica.

Why create?
I have no other choice.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created? Why?
I wrote a poem for my mom called Mom/Friend that I have come to love. I wrote the piece to celebrate my love for my mom several years ago. She cried when I read it to her and I knew it was special to her. It is my favorite because of that memory. My mom recently passed away and I hold that piece dear to my heart.

Where can we find more of your work?
I have a few novels on Amazon.com and my author website has a few of my poem. Check them out at www.lisawtetting.com and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.

What do you look for in good art and poetry?
Art/Poetry is relative and depending on my mood, I seek different things. It must spark something in me right away for it to really stay with me. I like unique pieces that are like nothing I have ever seen or heard.

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