Issue 11, the Attraction Issue, is Now Available!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a special announcement…

Issue 11 is here!!!

Get your copy here.

This issue was guest judged by Lisa W. Tetting and features the work of:

  • G. Manson
  • Hank Mattson
  • MiYoung Margolis
  • GJ Gillespie
  • GlitterCouch
  • Phillip T. Stephens
  • Sam Hafferty
  • Hildy Maze
  • Tom Dedola
  • Osalam Wosu
  • Terrie Rogers
  • Tania Gonzalez Ortega
  • J. David Liss
  • Stephen Thomas Roberts
  • Mark Taksa
  • Kayla Bashe
  • Meghan Hargaden
  • Flora Davis
  • Madison Wilson
  • Caitlin Eagan
  • Dan Fraser
  • Sandip Saha
  • Lois E. Linkens
  • John Paul Gardner
  • yuan changing
  • Kingsley Nwaeke
  • Thomas Locicero
  • Marisha Thomas
  • John Grey
  • Edilson Afonso Ferreira
  • Roderick Bates
  • Anthony Acri
  • Maia Vivar
  • Ercan Sert
  • Christine Ray
  • izabella blue drayven
  • Lisa Mar

That’s 38 artists, 30 poems and 28 art works. It’s really worth checking out.

Check out the artist interviews, that will begin to post this coming Monday the 22nd, to learn more about the creators of issue 11.


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