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fēlan is old English for feel and this poetry and visual arts zine is all about emotion.

We believe emotions are what make us human. They connect us all on the deepest level possible. It is important to feel through every experience, good or bad. And negative emotions can be just as beautiful as the positive. Without the bad there is no good. And thus they center us all.

In that, our art is an extension of the way we each feel about the world and pairing those emotional themed artworks together gives us a hint of how we’re all in this together.

fēlan is a poetry and visual art zine, started by Jennifer Nichole Wells. It will be published in print 6 times per year, with contributor interviews posting online daily.


Founder/Curator: Jennifer Nichole Wells

Loves – cats, art, breeze; Fears – people, cockroaches; Finds Joy in – nature, music, animals; Experiences Melancholy because of – hot weather, loss of innocence, people being rude; Finds Courage in – art, speaking her truth, the internet; Cynical about – human nature, the legal system; Fascinated by – the reflection of light on fog, the creation of art, the ocean; Envious of – the life of cats, people who creation seems to flow through so easily, fully formed human beings; Amused by – animals, art, crime dramas; Angered by – rudeness; Attracted to – kindness, creativity, passion;

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twitter: jennynichole_

instagram: jennifernicholewells

facebook: jennifernicholwells

google +: jennifernicholewells1

Guest Judge, Issue #11: Lisa W. Tetting

Attracted to – 1) Attraction is felt on a spiritual level so there is an energy that calls out to me. 2) I am often captured by looking into someone’s eyes. They draw me in be it romantically, curiosity, humor or sadness. It makes an emotional connection. 3) Smells often attract me. A good smelling man, a baking pie, a relaxing candle all call to me on different levels.

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Guest Judge, Issue #10: Emilio Pascale

Angered by – aggressive drivers, parents who berate their children, bullying of any kind

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Guest Judge, Issue #5: Richard Mark Ankers

Finds Courage in – my wife, the beauty of nature, my words

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twitter: Richard_Ankers


Guest Judge, Issues #4 & 7: Leah Wise

Experiences Melancholy because of – dark weather, visitors leaving, fall turning to winter; Fascinated by – insects, mountain fog, the human eye

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instagram: stylewiseblog

twitter: stylewiseblog

facebook: stylewiseblog

Guest Judge, Issues #3 & 8: Danielle Doctor

Finds Joy in – spending time with family and close friends, teaching and seeing students grow as artists and people, creating anything from food to paintings; Envious of – people with better stuff and better skills than me, or people who seem happier than me;

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instagram: danielle.doctor.art

Guest Judge, Issues #2 & 6: Jason Grim

Fears – dying unhappy, being homeless, sharks; Cynical about – ;

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twitter: JasonAGrim

instagram: jasonagrim

flickr: jasongrim


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