Guest Judge

Would you like to work with me on an issue of felan?

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have a passion for for poetry and art?
  • Are you a poet or artist yourself, or somehow involved in the art world?


As a guest judge, you will:

  • Help promote the issue you are assisting with.
  • Look through each submitted art piece as provided in a PDF document by me via email.
  • Select which pieces you think work best together based on the current issue’s theme.
  • Compare those notes with mine over email, text, a form of instant messenger, skype, whatever is best for you.
  • Based on our initial conversation I will prepare a draft layout and share it with you. You’ll supply your thoughts on which pieces should be paired with which others.
  • I’ll then prepare a secondary draft and get your final opinion.

Your name and contact information will be listed on the ‘About‘ page of this site, the call for entries blog posts for the issue and in the actual print version of the issue.

As a guest judge you are also guaranteed at least one of your poems or art pieces in that issue (although you still hold the responsibility to choose a piece of your own that fits well with the other selected pieces). And you will receive a free digital copy of the issue.

Still interested? Cast your name in the hat (fill out the contact form below). If selected I’ll be in touch via email.

Judges have been chosen through issue 15, taking us through January of 2018. The guest judge for Capricious is still open, but the review period for said issue will not take place until Feb./Mar. of 2018. Themes that open back up will be added to the below.